What are some toddler party ideas for a winter birthday?

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Every parent wants to host the perfect birthday party for their child. Coming up with a party theme, however, can be daunting. In the winter, you have even less options, since a pool party is out of the question in most states. Below are some fun toddler party ideas for your winter baby.

Girls and boys alike are sure to love a Frozen-themed birthday party. Frozen is one of the most popular Disney movies of all time, and kids today cannot get enough of the characters and soundtrack. The decorations for this party are snowflakes, snowmen, and icicles. Food options can include a snowman cheese ball with veggies and crackers, a hot cocoa bar with toppings, and an Olaf cake. Kids will think this party is the coolest!

Hosting a winter birthday party for all boys? Consider a race car theme. Decorate with checkered flags and set up racetracks throughout your home. You can watch the Cars movie, which is a favorite among kids and adults. Arrange snacks around a table set up like a racetrack, using Teddy Grahams as drivers for the desserts. Send each child home with a Fisher-Price car or race car driver rubber ducky.

Does your child love building with blocks? Consider a Lego theme! Buy a bunch of Duplo blocks and encourage the children to build their own masterpieces. Make Lego brownies by covering with colored icing and adding candy-coated chocolate candies on top. You can watch Emmet and the other Lego Movie characters save the world from the evil "Kragle." It will be an afternoon filled with learning and fun!

Can't go to the zoo? Bring the zoo to you! Ask your child's friends to all come dressed as their favorite animal. Set up a fun photo booth to capture all of the adorable creatures throughout the day. Make a lion's face out of carrot sticks and orange bell peppers for a fun, healthy snack. Decorate with stuffed animals and zoo signs. Attach photos of animals on index cards to create a match game and a charades game in one. This party is sure to be a roaring good time!

Who doesn't dream of being on the beach in the middle of winter? Give your party guests a taste of paradise with beach-themed toddler birthday party. Decorate with seashells, mermaids, and fish, and put a lei on each guest as they arrive. Watch The Little Mermaid, a Disney classic. Offer snacks, such as Goldfish, served in pails and a seascape cake. Play pin the tentacle on the octopus and throw some beach balls around. You can even set up an indoor sandbox or water table to allow the kids to feel like they're playing outdoors in the summer. The children and parents alike will love the escape from the cold, snowy weather outside.

Hopefully this list offered some toddler party ideas that you can use for your child's next celebration. The key things to plan are invitations, decorations, food, and activities. Everything else will fall into place. Remember to enjoy the party and take lots of pictures!

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