How Can I Effectively Discipline A Toddler?

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There are many things that your child may be experiencing in daycare. You have to realize as a parent, that this can be a frightening experience for your child. Before you decide if you need to Discipline A Toddler, you need to see where the problems come from. Is your child having separation anxiety?

Does your child feel abandoned? Is the first time that you have been apart from each other? If any of these things are true your child could just be having a reaction to a new experience. Although you may feel that your child's behavior is unacceptable, you need to try and understand their frustration. If you try to discipline a toddler without knowing the full details of what you are dealing with you may make your situation worse. However, if you have talked with your child and ruled out any anxiety, you may be dealing with a child that does need discipline.

The first thing that you will have to do is figure out what types of discipline that you want to install. There are many things that you can do. You can take away toys. This may be the easiest way for your child to see that they have done something wrong. Taking away your child's favorite toy is an instant response to the situation.

Once they see that they have done something that is not right and they lost their favorite thing, the child will eventually begin to change to keep this behavior form happening. This instant response will show the child that this situation is serious and not a joke. If you are going to switch it up and try a timeout this can be very effective. You have to remember that for time out to be effective you need to distance the child from other children and/or toys.

You also need to make sure that the child sits out for at least one minute for each year of their age. For example: A two year old would sit in time out for two minutes, a three year old would sit in time out for three minutes, etc. This is so that you make sure that your child pays attention to the punishment and can remember why he/she is in timeout. Leaving your child in timeout too long will make the punishment ineffective, so make sure that you use the technique correctly.

There are many ways for you to discipline a toddler, but the most important thing that you need to remember is to be consistent. If you are consistent while implementing new discipline techniques, your child will know what to expect from you and they will know what behaviors are acceptable and not. Being consistent may be the most important factor in starting a new punishment regimen. Your child will confused and upset in the beginning and you may feel that everything is getting worse. Do not worry. Everything will get better. Just hold your ground and do what is best for your child. You will end up seeing positive results.

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